11 Rock Performers Who Allegedly Slept With Underage Ladies

Flick through the real history of rock records, and you will select, just right of limelight, the ladies with who the quintessential famous and intimately appealing guys for the days chose to spending some time.

Pop music heritage’s fascination with teens is absolutely nothing brand new. Chuck Berry introduced “nice minimal Sixteen” in 1958. The Beatles’ opening track on the first record, “I noticed the woman Standing truth be told there,” begins with the range, “She ended up being only 17 / you-know-what after all?” “Thank Heaven for young okcupid vs eharmony for shy guys girls” idealizes potential intimate possible (“Those little eyes so helpless and attractive / eventually will flash and send you crashing through the ceiling”). And also for some cause, most of the wealthy, strong rock stars, exactly who within sexual primes could apparently sleep with any person they picked, gravitated toward girls maybe not old enough to drive.

Many girls – who’re now developed people – linked to the men with this record has steadfastly kept that her relations with rock movie stars were consensual and in general good activities inside their resides. Others say the contrary.

David Bowie

Even as we detailed after Bowie’s dying, David Bowie have strong website links towards kid Groupies of l . a ., and well-known groupie Lori Maddox (typically spelled Mattix) keeps over and over repeatedly advised the story of just how she missing the lady virginity to Bowie when she ended up being just 14. (Bowie was a student in their mid-20s.) According to her, Bowie pursued the woman, but she in the beginning refused your. After that, period later, she and fellow underage groupie Sable Starr wound up in a hotel room with Bowie, in addition to stone superstar took Maddox into your bathrooms, got in a bath with her, then have gender along with her. The two would afterwards has a threesome with Starr. It’s well worth noting that Maddox doesn’t always have any regrets about her knowledge about Bowie, noting that she’d still discover your on / off for several years after their basic intimate experience. “i’m like I was most existing,” Maddox informed Thrillist. “I watched the greatest music actually ever. I got eventually to spend time with of the most extremely amazing, most incredible, a lot of magnetic boys worldwide. I went to shows in limos with authorities escorts. Are I browsing be sorry for this? No.”

Jimmy Webpage

Lori Maddox forgotten her virginity to David Bowie, but he wasn’t the actual only real stone celebrity she would sleeping with during their groupie times. Indeed, she actually is better-known on her behalf union with brought Zeppelin guitar player Jimmy web page. In her statement, web page have Zeppelin supervisor Richard Cole “kidnap” her (Cole can also be referred to as guy accountable for the famous Zeppelin “mud shark” incident.) Maddox was merely 14 when their union going; Page was actually 28.

“What happened usually I was kidnapped, actually,” Maddox stated once in a documentary. “He informed me would end up being with me, and that I stated no, he had beenn’t, in which he said, ‘Yes, i’m.’ subsequently everyone ended up at Rainbow [Bar and Grill], and Richard Cole claims if you ask me, ‘get into the soft car incase you go, we’ll have your mind.’ Next thing you are sure that, I’m from the [Hyatt House] hotel, and I’m strolling on the hall, and next thing you know, I’m taken into this doorway . And I transformed in and, take a look, there is Jimmy sitting when you look at the corner of this room with a hat and a cane stating, ‘we told you i am going to maybe you have.'”

It seems that, webpage’s flair for dramatics don’t finish regarding the electric guitar. He and Maddox would still see each other for the next few years, though the guy firmly operated Maddox’s motions if they had been with each other.

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